Former President Trump: ‘Beyond Seriously’ Considering 2024 Presidential Run

Former President Donald Trump has come out and stated that he is “beyond seriously” considering another run for the presidency in 2024, though he has not fully committed to a campaign.

“From a legal standpoint, I don’t really want to talk about it yet. It’s a little too soon,” Trump noted during an interview with Fox News host and supporter Sean Hannity. “So I say this: I am looking at it very seriously. Beyond seriously.”

via Newsmax:

However, he pointed out 2024 is still “a long time” away, but he does still have “tremendous numbers” and that he had high ratings while in the White House, where “nobody has ever gotten the numbers I got. No sitting president has come even close.”

And now, Trump said, “there is more popularity” than there was the day before the November election.

“They see how bad things are at the border,” Trump told Hannity. “They see what is going on.”

He also mentioned that there are growing concerns about the Second Amendment with Biden, adding that taxes are going up and “regulations are going through the roof.”

The former president also noted that job numbers are going up, but if the kind of regulations that the Biden administration are seeking are put into place, he said, “the jobs are going to be gone. Your energy independence is going to be gone.”

At this year’s CPAC event, a straw poll was conducted and Trump won that sucker by a very big margin, scoring 55 percent with those in attendance. The second place choice was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

If Trump were to run, with the size of his base right now, he’d probably end up being the Republican Party nominee. Especially after the horror show that’s already been the Biden presidency. And we’re only a few months into that. Imagine how bad it will be by 2024.