Former President Donald Trump Starts Media Group, ‘Truth Social’ Platform

Former President Donald Trump has officially announced the creation of the Trump Media & Technology Group, merging with Digital World Acquisition Corp., to now become a publicly listed company with a possible valuation of up to $1.7 billion.

Out of this deal, a brand spanking new social media platform called Truth Social will be launching sometime in early 2022 with the goal in mind to create competition with Facebook and Twitter, which are two of the big social media networks to permanently ban Trump.

There will also be a “subscription video on demand service” to take on Google’s YouTube platform, which has also become notorious for censoring the president and anyone who dares to openly support him and his agenda for the country while he was in office.

via Newsmax:

”I created TRUTH Social and TMTG to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech,” Trump wrote in the announcement Wednesday night. ”We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced.

”This is unacceptable,” he stated.

Trump calls this a fulfilling of a promise to create a conservative media competitor to combat the liberal activism against his administration and in the 2020 presidential campaign.

”I am excited to send out my first TRUTH on TRUTH Social very soon,” the former president added. ”TMTG was founded with a mission to give a voice to all. I’m excited to soon begin sharing my thoughts on TRUTH Social and to fight back against Big Tech.”

”Everyone asks me why doesn’t someone stand up to Big Tech? Well, we will be soon!” Trump stated.

The subscription video-on-demand service is going to be called TMTG+.

”TMTG+ will feature ‘non-woke’ entertainment programming, news, podcasts, and more,” the news release revealed.

Former President Trump has already filed some class-action lawsuits against Big Tech companies concerning their censorship of conservative speech.

”Truth Social is America’s ‘Big Tent’ social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology,” the Truth Social website says, allowing those who wish to be users when the site officially launches to register a bit early for the wait list.