Former NYC Mayor Giuliani Shreds De Blasio, Says Current Spike In Prostitution, Crime Is His Fault

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently conducted an interview on Newsmax where he chatted about a report that reveals open-air prostitution and other forms of crime have been exploding on the streets of New York.

Giuliani stated that this rising crime rate is due to the city’s lax enforcement of the law, which demonstrates that current Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “socialist” rule has obliterated the city.

“It is hard to watch that and not be emotional about it because before I was mayor, I lived through the terrible 27 years of 1,000 murders per year to 2,000 murders per year,” Giuliani stated during his talk on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.” “The last time this happened, it happened in 1968 and it lasted for 27 years because we had Democrat mayors for 27 years.”

via Newsmax:

An explosive cover story in Friday’s New York Post detailed how traffic along a four-block stretch in Brooklyn is filled with women, often wearing little more than lingerie, that are plying their trade on weekends in an “open-air prostitution market” as their pimps remain nearby.

The situation is happening, said Giuliani, because de Blasio is an “extraordinarily bad mayor” who is “soft on crime.”

“He is about the worst mayor the city has ever had,” Giuliani stated during the interview. “People say well, prostitution. Why get all upset about prostitution? You can have different moral views about it, but prostitution leads to the degradation of an area all the property values go out … stores move out and the pimps move in. These prostitutes are not working on their own they are working for people who we’ll call pimps. They are extremely dangerous criminals. They all have guns … beating the heck out of women and some of them shoot, have shot, and killed people. So this is not the kind of a benign, you know crime. This is a very, very dangerous, very vicious, very violent crime, and if it’s not controlled, it takes over that neighborhood. And drugs come right in. Mobs and gangs come right in. This is disgraceful that de Blasio let this happen.”

The reports also come as the United States is on an “express train to socialism, and in New York, “we are probably there already,” said Giuliani.

“New York is a one-party government,” Giuliani continued. “New York has a significant amount of corruption … it’s a city now that once again is like Chicago and Philadelphia and Detroit a high crime city. We had the distinction of being the safest large city in America, something like 17 years in a row. It took me two years to get there. I kept it there. (Michael) Bloomberg kept it there.”

There are rising crime rates all over the country, all of which can be blamed on Democrats in local government opting to give in to the demands of Black Lives Matter protesters who have been demanding that they “defund the police” ever since the death of George Floyd.

When you take away money from local law enforcement departments, they lose officers, which means there are less street patrols and individuals available to check out calls.

If you want to see the crime rate drop, providing more funding and get more officers on the street. It’s that simple.