Former Dem Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Accuses Biden Of ‘Tearing Our County Apart’

According to former Democratic Party Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, President Joe Biden is “tearing our country apart.

Gabbard made her comments while responding to a question she was asked on Wednesday about whether the president has changed since his 2020 presidential campaign.

“You know, I’ve considered Joe Biden a friend for many years, and I’ve been disheartened to see the direction that he’s taken in this administration, that is undermining the fundamental principles of our country, that is actually tearing our country apart, rather than working to bring us together to find our way forward and have respectful dialogue, even as we may have disagreements or differences on different issues, but come together as Americans treating each other with respect,” she went on to say in her response.

via Washington Examiner:

She also decried the congressional infrastructure bill, Build Back Better, and its relation to the supply chain crisis.

“Their answer to this crisis that everyday Americans are facing across the country is to pass this massive, multitrillion-dollar bill, but the reality is that this bill is only going to make the problem worse,” she stated during an appearance on Fox News. “Our government is already too powerful, it is already too bloated, and what this bill is going to do is make inflation worse. It’s going to increase the national debt. It’s going to make things harder for small businesses, and ultimately it’s going to make people more dependent on a government that already is encroaching too much in almost every part of our lives.”

She then added that “unaccountable bureaucrats” are “more empowered to put their noses into” the public’s private lives.”

Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin’s Republican victory in Virginia is a “positive sign” that voters are rejecting Democrats’ “fomenting of anger and hatred,” Gabbard said.

“I think that the American people — it’s clear as we saw in Virginia — it’s actually a positive sign that they’re rejecting the kind of divisiveness — racialization of everything in this country — the fomenting of anger and hatred, that unfortunately, we’re seeing coming from so many of my fellow Democrats,” the former congresswoman said.