Florida State Legislature Approves Bill That Bars Transgender Girls From Competing As Girls On School Teams

One person is answering question about transgender athletes and right of joining competition.

The GOP-led legislature of the state of Florida has passed a bill that bans transgender athletes who identify as women and girls not be able to compete against females.

The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act was passed by lawmakers on Wednesday. The whole thing was a last-second amendment to a bill that was geared toward charter schools in Florida.

via Washington Examiner:

Any team or sport sponsored by a public secondary school or public postsecondary institution must, based on the biological sex at birth, be expressly designated as either for males, females, or co-ed athletes, according to the legislation.

Teams designated for males, men, or boys may be open to females, but teams or sports designated for females, women, or girls may not be open to students who are males, the bill stated.

It also allows a student who is deprived of an athletic opportunity or suffers any direct or indirect harm as a result of a violation of the bill to sue his or her school for damages.

The legislature is currently debating two other bills that deal with the issue of transgender athletes, but as of now, those two pieces of legislation have stalled just ahead of the end of the legislative session, which is on Friday.