Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Crushes Biden, Says His Promise To Shut Down COVID ‘Up In Smoke’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently stated that President Joe Biden’s promise to shut down the coronavirus and not the country has only resulted in increasing cases of COVID, a return of school shutdowns, staffing shortages because of both infections and mandates, as he called the whole a total failure.

“His central promise of his campaign — totally up in smoke,” DeSantis went on to tell Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin,” stating he is taking the “arrows” that aren’t being tossed at the president.

“And so I think as a result of that, they try to find scapegoats. And I think trying to fight with Florida or Texas is just one of the things they do to divert attention from their failure,” he said.

via Newsmax:

But relying on masks, vaccines, and mandates amid the contagious omicron variant has exposed their lack of foresight in focusing on treating the inevitability of infection, DeSantis added to host Mark Levin.

“I think that they just have tunnel vision in terms of how they want to handle this: It hasn’t worked, obviously,” DeSantis remarked. “Remember he demagogued Donald Trump during the campaign, saying Trump was to blame for COVID even though China was to blame for COVID, saying Biden would shut down the virus if he were elected president.

“It was a ridiculous thing to say. It was demagogic. He gets in, and now you see cases and all this like no one ever anticipated was even possible,” he said.

Florida, following the cues of former President Donald Trump, focused on treating the disease, including using monoclonal antibodies, which had Biden’s Health and Human Services suggesting Florida is overusing its share of, a move that was “all political,” according to DeSantis.

“We have actually embraced treatment,” he added. “Most of these other governors and the people like [Dr. Anthony] Fauci and the federal leadership, they basically say, Get a shot; wear a mask’ and they never talk about treatment. And we’ve really embraced treatment because that’s just the reality of what we’re facing.”

DeSantis finished up by saying that the vaccines have clearly been exposed as not being able to stop the COVID virus.

“I wish that the vaccines were sterilizing, but they’re not providing that type of immunity,” he finished. “So to just not deal with treatment and to be hostile to people like me who are, it shows so much of this is about a political agenda. It’s about partisanship, and it’s not about the best interests of the American people when you talk about how these folks are acting.”