Florida Gov. DeSantis Asked Which Policy Mattered Most: ‘I’m Most Proud Of Getting Our Kids Back At School’

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who managed to resist giving into the fervor regarding lockdowns that were used all over America by Democratic governors, along with enduring harsh criticism from the liberal media, stated that the policy he is proudest of during the COVID-19 pandemic is his decision to keep kids in school.

via Daily Wire:

I’m most proud of getting our kids back at school. We knew the data; we knew it was low-risk. We felt we had to hold the line on this. We knew it was the case six to eight months ago. We were able to save the upbringing of hundreds of thousands of kids. They say you have to lock down, but states where kids are locked down, where kids aren’t in school, not playing sports, businesses are closed, have higher case numbers than we do. 

Despite the media’s obsession with ripping DeSantis and Florida, the proof comes from where people migrate. And people wanting a better quality of life have good reason to choose Florida, as the Examiner’s Karol Markowicz notes:

The digital calendar website Burbio keeps tabs on “in-person community events held by libraries, governments, arts and recreation, chambers of commerce, and civic and volunteer groups” and tabulates a “community activity index,” with scores on a scale of 1-100. Florida consistently has a high score throughout the state. Miami is a 60. Manhattan and Los Angeles are both 20. 

Back in December, DeSantis sent a message to Florida restaurant owners saying, “Some may want to shut you down; we want to pull you up. We’ve got your back. … If you’re somebody who’s a waitress or a cook or you’re a family-owned business, you’re an important part of our state. You’re working folks, who are working hard to make a living; you have every right to do that. You can take it to the bank in the state of Florida; you’re going to have that right defended by the governor.”

DeSantis also told the Washington Examiner, “There will be no state income tax as long as I’m here. We have a lean budget that provides good services. The infrastructure is better in Florida. We have a better approach to government that contributes to a better quality of life. Businesses appreciate that. People appreciate that.”

Folks, this right here is how you handle this pandemic. If you’re going to take notes on how to do this thing from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, let them be on what NOT to do.

If you want to know what you should be doing, look to the example DeSantis is setting in Florida. What this guy is doing is what the whole country should be doing.