Florida Chiropractor Signs Hundreds Of Mask Exemption Slips For Students, Later Defends His Decision: Parents ‘Broke Down Crying’

A school district located in Florida has put tighter restrictions on its policy concerning medical exemptions for wearing masks after a local chiropractor reportedly signed hundreds of exemption slips for students.

The Sarasota County School Board approved a 90-day mask mandate for its students, teachers, vendors, and others back in August with very few exemptions, including some medical reasons. The mandate has caught a lot of flack from Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration as the Florida Department of Education has stepped up and threatened to take away salaries for board members and other school officials.

via Daily Wire:

Local chiropractor Dr. Dan Busch reportedly signed medical exemption slips for hundreds of students attending the school. In reaction, the school board updated its masking policy on September 1 to “only accept medical exemption forms from licensed medical doctors, osteopathic physicians or advanced registered nurse practitioners,” CNN reports.

“Every evaluation that I performed was very specific and I performed them in my scope of practice,” Busch went on to say during an interview with WWSB last month. “I had to stay very specific to the diagnoses that were in my wheelhouse, there are plenty that weren’t.”

“I have not directly heard from the school district but I am more than happy to sit down with the school district,” Busch replied after being asked about the board’s current plans to issue changes to its mask policy. “I’m not trying to do something that’s shady, irrefutable, unethical. I’ll sit down, I would be happy to come to them.”

The chiropractor said he did not grant every request for a mask exemption note, but he was struck by how many of the students’ parents were reacting to the school’s mask mandate.

“What was so touching is that how many people actually broke down crying because they felt so helpless, and it hit me to have that opportunity to allow the parents to have a choice,” the chiropractor stated.

The school spoke with CNN, revealing they had rejected hundreds of exemption forms that were signed by Busch. When asked by CNN about the medical exemptions that he gave to these students, Bush went on to say, “this wasn’t about me. This is about parents’ freedom.”

“The Sarasota County School Board is under fire from DeSantis for standing by its mandatory mask policy in violation of an order by the governor banning such mask mandates in schools. DeSantis’ order continues to work its way through the legal system as Sarasota defends its mask policy. On Wednesday, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida upheld a lower court’s ruling that DeSantis’ order is legal,” the Daily Wire said.

The court’s ruling on the matter came after the 1st District Court of Appeals in the city of Tallahassee reversed a decision that struck down DeSantis’ order.

Boy, isn’t this just a mess? Wearing a mask or not, getting the vaccine or not, should all be up to the parents of the children. Period.