Female Student Holds Back Tears After School Decides To Let Transgenders Use Locker Rooms

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if people actually cared about science?

Just think about it. Babies would be babies (and, logically, murder would be murder). Changes in weather and climate would be rightly understood as capricious or cyclical, and any anxiety stemming from such changes would be treated with therapy or medicine rather than touted as the only acceptable response.

And, of course, with the exception of an infinitesimal group of people with certain genetic disorders (who would be treated with compassion and evidence-based care), men would be men and women would be women.

But science clearly isn’t “woke” enough for today’s leftist. No, feelings determine our reality, not this pesky empirical nonsense.

And, in the spirit of woke “inclusivity,” actual women and girls are now excluded from places that were once safe and private for them, especially bathrooms and changing rooms in schools.

Last week, an Illinois school district held a long-battled vote to allow such exclusion to be codified in school policy, leaving biological girls to duke it out for limited private stalls if they don’t want to get naked in front of gender-confused dudes in the locker room.

The Daily Wire reports:

The school board of District 211 in Illinois voted last week, in a 5 – 2 decision, to allow biological males into the female locker room at Palatine High School. The board said that all students should be “treated and supported in a manner consistent with their gender identity.” This “support” apparently necessitates obliterating the privacy and safety of every girl at the school.

A student named Nova Maday, a biological male who identifies as transgender, filed a lawsuit in 2017. The lawsuit came after a Department of Education mandate in 2015 forced Palatine High to allow boys like himself into bathrooms and locker rooms with girls. The school tried to strike a compromise, inviting the gender-confused males into girl-designated areas but setting aside a separate, private area for them to use. Maday was not happy with this compromise. He demanded access not just to the girls locker room, but to the exact same area where the girls change. His basic human rights are apparently violated in horrific fashion if he is not able to actually see girls get naked and himself get naked in front of them.

The school board found his deranged arguments convincing, and now every girl in the school must shut up and cooperate as biological males invade their private spaces.

The Daily Herald was on the scene of the board vote, there to capture Maday’s joy, the relief of his ACLU buddy Edwin Yohnka, and a red-eyed young female student’s barely-contained distress at the decision that her privacy isn’t worth protecting:

Maday, when announcing his lawsuit with the ACLU against Palatine High School for preventing him from using locker rooms and bathrooms alongside actual girls back in 2017, said, “I’m just like every other girl. I just want to use the locker room. There’s nothing different about me.”

Seriously. The dude said that. Watch:

This is quite literally insane. Chalk this one up as yet another reason to pull your kids out of these sick schools, y’all.