Even More Folks Go On Record To Deny ‘Atlantic’ Report About Trump Insulting Soldiers; Now Up To 21

Last week, The Atlantic published a report, sourced by folks who wished to remain anonymous — first red flag right there — that claimed our commander-in-chief actually insulted fallen U.S. soldiers and wounded veterans by calling them “losers” and worse.

However, since this report came out, tons of individuals have come forward, on the record, and denied this ever happened. And the number of folks to do that has started to spike.

This is not looking good for The Atlantic.

via Washington Examiner:

White House Kayleigh McEnany made an appearance on Fox News in the morning on Tuesday and said she knows of 19 on-the-record sources who have denied the story by Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of the Atlantic.

“More than a dozen of which have first-hand accounts have dismissed this. Said it is fundamentally untrue,” she added.

Two more on-the-record denials have since been shared on Twitter, including by Nick Ayers, who served as chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence from 2017 to 2019.

Moments later, Brian Morgenstern, the deputy communications director and deputy press secretary at the White House, shared what he said was the 21st denial from retired Maj. Gen. William Matz, who said he was the host of the event “discussed by the false and despicable” article in the Atlantic.

Even former national security adviser John Bolton is defending the president on this one, and that guy is no friend of the Trump’s. At all.

When asked why these “sources” won’t reveal themselves, Goldberg claims it’s because they don’t want to interfere with our democratic election processes, but that is clearly a crock. These individuals, if they exist at all, have already interfered with the process by releasing this information.

Why sit on this so long? Because it was to be weaponized by the radical left during election season to help swing votes away from Trump and toward Biden. Does the Democratic Party really think people are too stupid to see this ploy for what it is?