Eric Swalwell Pulls Out Of 2020 Democrat Race. Twitter Reacts.

Nuclear Explosion

Well, folks, it’s been real. The second Democratic candidate (well, the first one I’ve ever even heard of) has dropped out of the race.

Rep. Eric Swalwell is blowing this popsicle stand and withdrawing his name from the pool of candidates headed to the big show in 2020. Someone pass the Kleenex.

I’m sure we’ll all miss his painfully awkward speeches, his thinly-veiled threats to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens by extreme force, and, as Louder With Crowder puts it, his “melted Ken doll face.”

After consistent drooping in literally every single poll, Swalwell made his withdrawal from the race official on Monday.

“…our mission to end gun violence is just beginning…” What an ominous sign-off. But, I digress.

While Americans still have to deal with this dude in Congress, let’s take a moment to celebrate the fact that, at least for now, we won’t have to have him as President.

In the way of celebration, the People of Twitter™ have already commenced the festivities:

Thankfully for Mr. Holbeck™, there are still about 85 bajillion other Dems who meet his criteria.


That sounds like a private matter, but I’ll allow it.

We’ll never forget.


See? I’m not the only person who had no idea who Richard Ojeda was or that he’d dropped out of the race first. It’s hard to keep track of all the kooks.

Probably less time than it took to type up that statement.

And, last but certainly not least:

So long, Mr. Swalwell!