Eric Swalwell Issues Classless Response To Dana Loesch After NRATV Stops Production

Failing Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell, who has poll numbers that are practically non-existent, decided to take some rather vicious, classless swipes at NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch after the news broke that NRATV would be ending production.

This guy is proof that the left lacks any kind of grace or human decency. What’s hilarious about the whole thing is he thinks anyone actually gives a crap about his opinion.

via Daily Wire:

Swalwell was reacting to a report in The New York Times that detailed the NRA’s move, noting that the NRA had cut ties with the advertising agency Ackerman McQueen. The Times continued, “While NRATV may continue to air past content, its live broadcasting will end and its on-air personalities — Ackerman employees including Dana Loesch — will no longer be the public faces of the N.R.A. It remained unclear whether the N.R.A. might try to hire some of those employees, but there was no indication it was negotiating to do so.”

Hilariously, Swalwell, desperate to try and garner any sort of attention he can get to help bolster those poll numbers tried earlier this month to make a splash by introducing a gun control plan outside the offices of the NRA. Unfortunately for him, only a handful of people showed up.

It was quite embarrassing.

This dude should just remain silent and let go of those presidential aspirations he has. He’s not getting anywhere near the White House. There are many, many irrelevant Democrats trying to run for president, but Swalwell is so far down the list he even makes Beto O’Rourke look like a legitimate contender.

Time to back it up, Eric.