Eric Swalwell Gets The Silent Treatment During His Awkward Speech And It Is Hilarious

There’s odd, there’s awkward, and then there’s just plain painful to watch.

You might think I’m referring to the 2020 Democrat candidate sideshow, but not this time.

No, I’m talking about Rep. Eric Swalwell, whose Sunday speech at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame event was met with considerably less than the roaring applause the Californian candidate seemed to be expecting.

“We need a president who lives like you live, we need a president that has the grit that you have, and we have a president right now that doesn’t understand the dreams that you have,” Swalwell said. “I will be that president because I have lived that struggle and I know how hard you work and what you expect it to add up to.”

“But I will always be real with you,” he continued. “I will be bold, without the bull.”

That’s when it happened. And it was hilarious.

From The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra:

Oh, what I would give to have been in that room with a soundboard equipped with cricket chirps and a sad trombone. Maybe even some Simon And Garfunkel while Swalwell just stands there, pouting.

What a missed opportunity.

Honestly, it’s no surprise that the dude’s campaign is floundering. One of Swalwell’s most notable campaign promises is, after all, to confiscate semi-automatic firearms from their law-abiding owners.

I may not be an expert, but something about bursting onto the scene and suddenly declaring the owners of the hundreds of millions of semi-autos to be criminals overnight just doesn’t seem like something you do if you want to make friends and lead a mixed bag of a country like America.

According to Senior White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway, Swalwell is no threat in the upcoming primaries. “He literally doesn’t register in these latest #polls, either,” Conway tweeted. “A few candidates are at less than 1%. Swalwell is at less than less than 1%”

Sorry, Swally. Don’t quit your day job.