Elizabeth Warren’s Kid-Block Background Contains Almost Hidden Message In Convention Speech

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a failed Democratic presidential candidate with an embarrassing past as it relates to her heritage, delivered a virtual speech for the Democratic National Convention where she discussed the struggles of childcare in our country, especially with all of the chaos from the coronavirus.

However, it seems there was a sort of “hidden message” in the background spelled out in blocks. A very pro-BLM message.

via Fox News:

“Childcare was already hard to find before the pandemic. And now, parents are stuck — no idea when schools can safely reopen and even fewer childcare options,” Warren said from a childcare center in Massachussetts, before drawing on her own experiences of juggling childcare while working.

But as Warren addressed a topic that Americans have been struggling with on both sides of the aisle, another message popped out at viewers, as observers noted on social media.

Lining the background behind Warren as she addressed the Democratic National Convention were block letters inside cubbies: B L M [Black Lives Matter].

So it seems the radical left-wing in America is doing their absolute best to pander to the demographics they feel they need to appeal to in order to defeat Trump come November. And that’s exactly what this is. Pandering.

This message is coming at a time when there are countless riots, looting, and violence erupting in city streets across the country, led by groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Seems like a bad time to be touting a borderline terrorist organization, but hey, the Democratic Party isn’t all that bright, are they?