Elizabeth Warren Wants to Change the Name of This Holiday. Can You Guess Which?

So far, Elizabeth Warren’s exploration into a run for president has been super duper awkward.

While few things are going to be able to erase the painful awkwardness of her forced “casual” Instagram video where she drank a beer and used mechanical phrases that a focus group likely picked out for her to try to reach the youths, she seems unable to get away from the whole fake Indian thing too.

To begin with, she was asked about her Native American heritage on her very first campaign stop, which was, perhaps strategically for the Iowa primaries but very unstrategically for the whole fake Indian thing, in Sioux City, Iowa.

Now, she’s openly advocating for a major U.S. holiday to get a brand-spankin’ new politically correct name and, you guessed it, it’s Columbus Day which, like she and many other virtue signaling white people, think should be renamed Indigenous People’s Day to just go ahead and erase all the bad things that have ever happened to Native Americans in a single move.

“My feeling on this is why would we not want to honor indigenous people?” she said of a New Hampshire bill to rename the holiday. “These were the people who were here. These were the people who in Massachusetts reached out and helped the first settlers, and helped them survive those first harsh and rugged years. I’m in favor of honoring, I think that’s a good thing to do.”

When asked if this should be done on the state or even national level she replied “Yeah,” but then said it should be done on a “personal level,” which is confusing.

“I think we could also do this at a very personal level,” she said. “I think we ought to honor those who were here first and the extraordinary sacrifices they were forced to make.”

Well, we all know she’s changed her white heritage to Native American on a personal level, so is that what she means?