Elizabeth Warren is So Sad About Unpaid Government Workers, She Donated Her Salary. To Foreigners.

Oh, the never-ending amusement that is the left’s virtue signaling.

Elizabeth Warren, who is super duper sad, like the rest of the Democrats, about the poor government workers who have to suffer furloughed salaries until the orange man is vanquished, didn’t have it in her to take her Congressional salary.

Warren, who became the first of the Democrats to announce presidential aspirations for 2020, has been getting herself as much attention as possible, so throwing herself on her sword and donating her salary to a good cause was a smart choice.

How, in good conscious, could the good Senator possibly accept her $174,000 when National Parks and HUD employees wonder how they will feed their families?

So she made the bold move of donating her salary.

To refugees.

From other countries.

HIAS Refugees is a Jewish non-profit that lends aid to refugees from war-torn nations as well as victims of human and sex trafficking, which is certainly a noble cause.

Less noble is that a woman who has an estimated net worth of somewhere between $3 and $10 million tried to express her sympathy for the American government worker by donating money that she clearly doesn’t even need to people who aren’t American government workers, in a clear slap at the Trump administration.

I’m sure HIAS could use the help, but let’s just remember that the refugees they help aren’t the ones that Trump wants to keep out with the big, beautiful wall.