Dr. Fauci Says US Hardest Hit Country By COVID-19 Pandemic

If there’s one thing Dr. Anthony Fauci has proven to be a true expert at it, it’s not infectious diseases, but fear mongering. That, it seems, is his true, hidden talent. He’s really done a bang up job of pushing that kind of stuff on everyone, doing his best to come out and shoot down every positive development that comes out concerning COVID-19.

And now the good doctor is saying that the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States the hardest out of every country in the world.

“America has been the worst-hit country in the world, with 8.1 million cases and over 218,000 deaths,” Fauci stated.

As of Thursday, the United States has over 8.9 million confirmed cases of the illness with 228,602 confirmed deaths.

The doctor made his latest remarks while speaking at the West Virginia University’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute.

via Washington Examiner:

“I feel cautiously optimistic we will have a safe vaccine, even though you can never be certain when it comes to vaccinology,” Fauci added. He also said that 40% of people with the virus are asymptomatic.

On Wednesday, during an interview with National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, Fauci suggested that the U.S. will not return to normal until 2022.

“There will be a graded, gradual progression toward normalcy” in 2022, he said.

We all know this virus is real. The threat it poses to those who are high risk individuals with pre-existing conditions is also real. No one is denying that this is nothing to just laugh at.

At the same time, to act as if this stuff is never, ever going to get back to normal is absurd. Sooner or later, people will grow tired of the draconian measures and just start living their lives.

We really don’t have any other choice. To go on a permanent lockdown would destroy our economy and crash society. It simply isn’t a sustainable solution.

Time to stop pushing fear and help people really understand what’s going on with this virus.