Dr. Fauci Now Thinks Booster Shots Might Be Needed For Some Americans

The top infectious disease expert in the country is now saying that some Americans who have underlying health conditions may need to take a coronavirus booster shot in order to be protected from the Delta variatn of the coronavirus

“Those who are transplant patients, cancer chemotherapy, auto-immune diseases that are on immunosuppressant regimens, those are the kind of individuals that if there’s going to be a third booster, which might likely happen, would be among the vulnerable,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said during an interview on CNN over the weekend.

As of right now, a little more than 56 percent of all Americans, which includes kids, have been given at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, according to data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC, along with the Food and Drug Administration, is now saying that people who have already been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus do not need to have a booster shot.

“People who are fully vaccinated are protected from severe disease and death, including from the variants currently circulating in the country such as Delta,” the FDA and CDC both stated back on July 7.

“Americans who have been fully vaccinated do not need a booster shot at this time. FDA, CDC, and [the National Institutes of Health] are engaged in a science-based, rigorous process to consider whether or when a booster might be necessary,” the two agencies went on to add. “We continue to review any new data as it becomes available and will keep the public informed. We are prepared for booster doses if and when the science demonstrates that they are needed.”

via Daily Wire:

In an interview earlier this month, NBC’s Chuck Todd said to Fauci, “We know Mississippi … has the lowest vaccinated race rate in the country. You are in Biloxi, Mississippi right now, Dr. Fauci. Would you be wearing a mask? You’re fully vaccinated, but would you be wearing a mask in Biloxi?”

“I think that would be a good reason to do that,” Fauci replied. “I mean because they’re — as we’ve said so often that vaccines are not — even as good as they are and highly effective, nothing is 100%. And if you put yourself in an environment in which you have a high level of viral dynamics and a very low level of vaccine, you might want to go the extra step and say, ‘When I’m in that area where there’s a considerable degree of viral circulation, I might want to go the extra mile to be cautious enough to make sure that I get the extra added level of protection, even though the vaccines themselves are highly effective.’”

Last week, Fauci said people who are fully vaccinated might “want to consider” once again donning a mask indoors amid the spreading Delta coronavirus variant of COVID-19.

Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who served on former President Trump’s White House Coronavirus Task Force and is now President Biden’s chief medical adviser on COVID-19, said on CNBC that “if you want to go the extra mile of safety even though you’re vaccinated when you’re indoors, particularly in crowded places, you might want to consider wearing a mask.”

As of this writing, the Delta variant of the coronavirus is accounting for 83 percent of all new cases in the United States, according to data from the CDC. Just last Wednesday, the U.S. recorded 52,023 new COVID cases, according to information from Johns Hopkins University.