Dr. Anthony Fauci Says CDC May Start Recommending Wearing 2 Masks To Combat COVID

Dr. Anthony Fauci — also known as “Dr. Doom” — is now saying that the Centers for Disease Control might start recommending folks wear two masks — as in one over the other — as a means of helping to keep the more contagious variants of the illness from spreading.

Fauci and the CDC chatted about the subject on Monday, but the agency doesn’t possess the data needed to make a formal recommendation on the idea of wearing two masks. Fauci went on to say that wearing two masks is “common sense.”

Yeah. You’ve got about a zero percent chance of getting me to wear two masks. One is a stretch at this point. Two is out of the question. Folks, the whole idea of wearing two masks is in and of itself an indication that masks don’t actually work that well to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This is as good as an admission of that very fact.

So, in short, that’s no from me.

Source: Newsmax: