Dozens Of Former Bush Officials Exit GOP, Saying It’s A ‘Trump Cult’

Dozens of Republican Party members who once served in the administration of former President George W. Bush have reportedly left the party, displeased with former members who are not coming out and disavowing former President Donald Trump after claiming that voter fraud is the reason he lost the election.

This is a claim these folks believe caused the riot in the U.S. Capitol building at the beginning of January.

via Daily Wire:

The officials had hoped that when Trump lost, party leaders would “move on from the former president and denounce his baseless claims that the November presidential election was stolen,” Reuters reported. “But with most Republican lawmakers sticking to Trump, these officials say they no longer recognize the party they served. Some have ended their membership, others are letting it lapse while a few are newly registered as independents, according to a dozen former Bush officials who spoke with Reuters.”

“The Republican Party as I knew it no longer exists. I’d call it the cult of Trump,” Jimmy Gurulé, who was Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence in the Bush administration, told the news agency.

“If it continues to be the party of Trump, many of us are not going back,” Rosario Marin, a former Treasurer of the U.S. under Bush, told Reuters. “Unless the Senate convicts him, and rids themselves of the Trump cancer, many of us will not be going back to vote for Republican leaders.”

Another former official, Suzy DeFrancis, who is a veteran of the GOP who served in several administrations including Bush’s and Nixon’s, stated that she actually cast a ballot for Biden last November.

“I totally understand why people are frustrated and want to leave the party. I’ve had that feeling for four years,” she said.

DeFrancis went on to stated that she believes the Republican Party needs to make a return to core principles of limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise, and a strong national defense.

Well, folks, I don’t know about you guys, but it’s probably a good thing these guys are leaving the party. The less establishment guys to get through the better.