We don’t have a gun problem, we have a GOD problem

In God We Trust

We don’t have a gun problem in this country, we have a GOD problem.

As I sit here writing this article a couple of things have happened in the past week and I’m amazed at the reaction that has come from the Democrat party.

About a week ago a Diversity Visa Program recipient rented a pickup truck from The Home Depot and killed at least 8 people and injured a dozen more when he drove the truck down a bike path in New York City. It was a horrific event that left families without love ones and the mainstream media telling us that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the motives of the “lone wolf” attack.

“Allahu Akbar” or Allah is greater was shouted by the terrorist before a New York City police officer shot and detained the suspect.

The suspect then later requested an ISIS flag be hung in his hospital room.

Let’s fast forward to yesterday as a gunman opened fire in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas while parishioners where attending church.

At about 11 a.m. Central time yesterday morning Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire on that small church and murdered 26 people and injured many more.

We know several things about the suspect in Sutherland Springs. We know he had mental issues and had taken medication for it. We know that he was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force for physical abuse of his spouse and child. We know that he served 12 months in confinement before being discharged from the military.

We also, know from his social media pages that he was an atheist and could have been a recent convert to islam. That last part is not confirmed but the authorities did inspect his home for explosives and yesterday was the 8th anniversary of Nadal Hassan’s shooting at Fort Hood. As a Conservative talk show host, I don’t believe in coincidences like these.

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Right after the shooting in Texas yesterday, celebrities took to social media and did the one thing they always do. They jumped to conclusions and pleaded from “common sense gun control.”

It amazes me how the left can say we have to wait and see what the facts are on this islamic terror attack in New York City. He was a lone wolf, a coward. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions or lump all muslims in the same category. Yet all liberals where shouting from the rooftops that the NRA and all of us 2nd amendment gun owners were all to blame for the actions of one lone nut yesterday.

A person who related to ANTIFA, who was an atheist and who leaned to the liberal side of politics.

God is real and so is the devil. There is evil in this world and it hates God and his people. Evil is constantly looking for opportunities to overpower the righteous and to lead you away from our divine creator.

You may not agree with this but I don’t care. I find it amazing that atheists will fight like hell to tell you that there isn’t a god, but why? Why fight so hard to dispel a notion that you don’t even believe in. Why fight so hard to remove the ten commandments from court houses and yet fight like hell to have statutes of Satan put in place?

I’ve watched the past 20 plus years as the liberal left party in this country have removed God from schools and government buildings. Have removed God from the forefront of society and screaming that there needed to be a separation of church and state. Why has the left done this?

I’ve been a gun owner for the past 20 years. In those 20 years not one time has my gun shot someone. Never has it fired on its own. Yet the liberal left in this country want to tell you that the NRA and all of us legal gun owners shouldn’t be able to protect ourselves or worship our God as we see fit.

It was Barack Obama that called all of us conservative “bitter clingers” of our religion and guns.

This world was a much safer place when God was part of our culture. I think it’s about time we found our way back to that place.

“In God we Trust”.

Matt Locke is co-host of The Conservative Cartel on The Blaze Radio Network. Matt is one of America’s Patriots and had one of the longest running conservative podcasts on the Internet. Matt is a straight shooting, no holds barred conservative voice, who tells it like it is which has given credence to the moniker “The Conservative Sharpshooter”.  More about Matt can be found at http://theconservativecartel.comand at http://theblaze.com/radio