Donald Trump Jr. Slams Biden’s Gun Grab; Cites Hunter’s Pistol Scandal

Former President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., who also happens to be an avid hunter and gun collector, took to social media platform Twitter to slam and mock President Joe Biden’s recent efforts to “disarm” legal gun owners, claiming that Biden’s son, Hunter, may have told some whoppers in order to buy his pistol.

The post from Don Jr. came about an hour after Biden announced his new gun control executive actions, which included a call for a ban on AR-15 style rifles. The younger Trump went on to cite reports that indicate Hunter wrongfully answered “no” to a question on drug use in buying a .38 pistol, which could be considered a felony.

via Washington Examiner:

In a story about questions of whether the U.S. Secret Service was involved in Biden’s gun going missing, the Washington Examiner reported, Politico obtained copies of the Firearms Transaction Record dated Oct. 12, 2018. Hunter Biden responded ‘no’ to a question asking if he was an illegal drug user, with his response coming five years after he was discharged from the Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine. Biden has publicly discussed his drug use, and his memoir discusses his drug addiction, including his extensive use of crack cocaine. Lying on the form is a potential felony.”

Trump’s tweet was one of three on Biden’s announcement and indicated that he plans to play a big role in stopping the president’s proposals to, among other things, take guns away from “people in crisis,” limit the sale of AR-15 pistols, and potentially regulate and tax the 4 million in use and eventually bar all AR-15 sales.

During President Donald Trump’s administration, Donald Trump Jr. was close to gun advocates, especially the National Rifle Association. That group endorsed his father twice for president.

Don Jr. brings up a most excellent point. But, as we all know, liberals don’t mind being hypocrites, especially when doing so benefits their cause. They know their base will defend them no matter what they do or have done.

Sad but true.