Donald Trump Jr. Furious With ‘Insanity’ Being Pushed By Radical Liberals, Media

Donald Trump Jr., son of former President Donald Trump, is not at all pleased with the circular foreign policy of America, which seems to be focused on enriching other countries around the world and then forcing taxpayers to pay costs for needed defense against those same countries.

He’s also angry with the liberal media and their constant bloviating on Russia and Ukraine.

“We give Russia the pipeline, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, they’re going to make billions of dollars,” Trump Jr. remarked during an interview on Wednesday’s “Eric Bolling: The Balance.” “My father’s administration fought it, prevented it from happening for four years.

“That’s going to give Vladimir Putin billions that he can then spend on the military to weaponize against us. We are then going to spend billions, giving it to NATO for them to blow it on God knows what to defend themselves from the Russians that we are defacto enriching by allowing this to happen,” he added.

Via Newsmax:

Trump Jr. said he is  outraged President Joe Biden would move to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline in America, which would have made energy more affordable here.

“If you’re a hard working man, woman in America, you can’t work on a pipeline here: We’re going to cancel it now,” Trump Jr. added during the conversation. “The media didn’t stop. They lied to you and told you from moment one, ‘we’re not going to cancel fracking; we’re not going to end that.'”

“And yet it was in the first stack of executive orders signed the first day on job when Biden took office. Yet another lie, yet another way the media will utilize their propaganda to sway the narrative,” he continued.

“You can’t have it as Americans. Russia can have it. They can get rich and then we get to spend a lot more money of your taxpayer dollars, right? This is not government programs. These are paid for by the American taxpayer to defend Europe from the Russians that we are enabling to get rich. It’s absolute insanity, and this is the stupidity of Washington, D.C,” the president’s son said.

He then slammed the left by saying, “If liberals didn’t have double standards, they have no standards at all.”

Trump Jr. noted he was once attacked by said liberal media to be tried for “treason, a crime punishable by death.”

“It was an intended as a disinformation campaign to hurt Donald Trump to hurt myself and his family and to really hurt anything in conservatism, because they understood that the Republicans typically weren’t going to fight back the way that we would,” Trump Jr. went on to tell to host Eric Bolling. “They understood that many of the mainstream and sort of RINO Republicans – the [Illinois GOP Rep. Adam] Kinzinger’s of the world – would buy into this hook, line, and sinker and deliver the Democrats the win that the Democrats always get from the weak Republicans.”

Trump Jr. then went on to say, “Because rather than actually fight back, they roll over and die, and that’s what the Republican Party has done better than anyone for the last 50 years.”

“The narrative twisting in the media is why Trump Jr. co-founded Winning Team Publishing (WTP), which delivered Trump Sr.’s “Our Journey Together,” released Tuesday, and has already surpassed more than 130,000 copies sold, WTP Publisher Sergio Gor told Newsmax,” the Newsmax report said.

“It was such a success carving out, honestly, the publishing houses, who have become so liberal and woke and so biased, we could never actually print what we wanted,” Trump Jr. stated during the interview with Bolling.