Director Of The CDC Says Coronavirus Cases Now Stabilizing And Could Peak Sometime This Week

Director of the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield, spoke with Fox News on Monday where he stated that he believes the number of coronavirus cases is finally beginning to “stabilize” across the country, also noting that he thinks the peak of the virus could hit the country this week.

During this particular pandemic, the CDC has taken a backseat to the infectious disease experts that have worked alongside President Trump as part of his coronavirus task force. The CDC has largely kept their focus on issuing guidelines for the practice of social distancing and other measures to help protect Americans from spreading the coronavirus in their individual states.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire:

“I think we’ve really stabilized across the country,” Redfield said. “We’re still seeing a small rate of increase in the range of 5 to 6 percent, as opposed to where we were before when it was 20 percent, 30 percent per day; but we are close.”

“We’re stabilized and I anticipate that we will begin to see a decline in the days ahead, but we have got to just continue to take it day by day and look at the data,” he continued. “We’re going to need to reopen gradually in a thoughtful, prudent way, jurisdiction by jurisdiction, based on the data about what’s the state of transmission of this virus in those areas.”

While it’s great news to hear that the number of cases are leveling out and possibly declining, the social distancing guidelines still need to be practiced according to Redfield, noting that folks should still be sheltering-in-place and that group gatherings need to stay limited for the time being.

Redfield went on to credit the drop in projected deaths from 1 to 2 million down to under 60,000 to the application of social distancing guidelines put out by the CDC.

“It’s much, much, much less than that and it’s really a direct consequence of the American public all coming in,” Refield stated. “It’s going to be critical over the next four to eight to 12 weeks that we continue thoughtful mitigation steps as we begin to bring our country back to work.”

Here’s to hoping the good news continues to roll in and we can all get back to our normal lives in time for summer.