“Dinosaur” Sen. Hatch Trolls Sen. Warren By Claiming 1/1032 T-Rex DNA

So, it’s not exactly a challenge to troll Elizabeth Warren’s beautiful self-own from this week proving she has, after all, a whopping 0.1% Native American ancestry (at best).

But 84-year-old Sen. Orrin Hatch, who is the longest-serving Republican Senator in the history of our nation, served up an absolutely beautiful own to Warren’s ludicrous genealogical news on Twitter Monday, claiming to be 1/1032 “T-Rex”.

This is, of course, the same percentage T-rex that Warren claims to be Native American.

While The Boston Globe originally reported that Warren’s long-awaited DNA tests proved she was somewhere between 1/32 and 1/512 Native American, they had to later correct their story to the actual estimate that Warren is somewhere in between 1/64 and 1/1,024 Native American.

Democrats, who can’t take a joke, let alone criticize a woman who has clearly been appropriating Native ancestry to get intersectionality points from her clueless constituents, were sourpusses about Hatch’s awesome joke:

Yeah…Sam? There’s a big difference between teasing a Senator and oh, I don’t know, trying to bash down the doors of the Supreme Court because a judge you don’t like is being sworn in.

Hatch made a funny.

Y’all are literally calling to “kick them” and “return to civility once we’re back in power” (Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton, respectively).

So talk to me about civility when your people stop advocating for violence, m’kay?