Democrats And White House ‘Still Very Far Apart’ On Aid Deal; May End Up Abandoning It

Officials from the Trump administration have come out and stated that they are on the verge of abandoning the aid deal to help ease some of the suffering happening due to the coronavirus due to the fact Democrats aren’t being very flexible and wanting to come to a compromise, opting to push for items on their socialist wish list instead.

Leave to Democrats to politicize a crisis for political gain. It’s a page ripped right from their own playbook that we’ve seen a thousand times, and yet, for some reason, people still can’t seem to see it.

Check out the details on this from The Washington Examiner:

“We are not going to just keep on coming back every day if we can’t get to a deal,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said after a nearly three-hour meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. “Schumer and Pelosi are in discussions right now on whether it’s worth coming back.”

Pelosi called the meeting “consequential” but said it “reinforced” that Republicans and the White House “don’t understand the gravity of the situation.”

The two sides are trillions of dollars apart on a deal. Democrats are seeking a broad $3.4 trillion aid package, while Republicans are aiming for a package worth roughly $1 trillion. Democrats have been negotiating with Trump officials for nearly two weeks, without much advancement toward a compromise.

Pelosi later called the GOP proposal “anorexic,” which one could lead one to believe that what the Speaker actually means is that it doesn’t contain enough of the bits and pieces of policy they want to try and push forward and get put in place.

You know, stuff that will help transform America into an unrecognizable shell of its former self.

Mnuchin and Meadows both stated that if no compromised is reached by Friday, it’s likely President Trump will take executive action without input from the Democrats. Trump is wanting to expand and extend the federal unemployment insurance program that expired last month and provide a payroll tax cut for businesses.

It’ll be interesting to see if some sort of compromise is reached today, but it seems highly unlikely.