Democratic Mayor of San Francisco Agrees To Paying More Than $22K For Ethic Violations

San Francisco Democratic Mayor London Breed has now agreed to pay $22,792 in fines that are related to a “series” of ethics violations that she’s been accused of committing while serving in office.

Wow. So you mean a Democrat who got caught doing unethical stuff has to literally pay for her own actions? Stop the press!

via Daily Wire:

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the accusations included “asking former Gov. Jerry Brown to release her brother from prison and allowing Mohammed Nuru, the disgraced former head of Public Works, to pay for repairs to a car she owned.” The outlet reported, “The proposed fine, first obtained by The Chronicle on Tuesday, is part of an agreement stating that Breed’s violations were ‘significant,’ involving the misuse of her title as mayor for personal gain.”

“While nothing stipulated here had any effect on my decision-making as mayor, it is important that as mayor that I lead by example and take responsibility for my actions,” Breed went on to say in a statement that was provided to The Chronicle. “I’ve learned a lot over the last two years since the most recent of these events took place, and I’ve learned from this process.”

The Chronicle analyzed records from the Ethics Commission. It determined Breed “appears to be the first sitting mayor in San Francisco to settle such a case,” noting that “it’s not unusual for city supervisors and candidates to be hit with fines.”

Breed will pay the fine if the Ethics Commission approves the agreement at its next meeting on August 13.

This settlement is coming along three years after Breed and other members of her family sent a letter to then Gov. Brown in which they asked him to commute the prison sentence of Napoleon Brown, her older brother.

Brown was sentenced to 44 years in prison for a charge of involuntary manslaughter and an armed robbery charge that was related to a death on the Golden Gate Bridge back in 2000.

“Breed’s letter used what appeared to be personal stationery that featured ‘Mayor London Breed’ in block letters at the top” and “she mentioned her status as the city’s mayor in the body of the letter,” the Chronicle reported.

“The Ethics Commission concluded the letter was a misuse of Breed’s city title and imposed a $2,500 fine for the violation. Brown did not grant a pardon, and Breed’s brother remains in prison,” the Daily Wire stated in their report.

Another one of the ethics violations involves Mohammed Nuru, a former Public Works director, who was charged with fraud by the FBI back in 2019.

Breed has agreed to pay $8,292 for accepting a gift — about $5,600 in car repairs — from Nuru, whom she acknowledged dating “for a brief time, two decades ago” in an explosive February 2020 Medium post,” the Los Angeles Times went on to say in their report.

“In the post, she said she wasn’t required to disclose the repairs, citing a city law that said gifts provided ‘by an individual with whom the official has a long term, close personal friendship unrelated to the official’s position’ don’t need to be reported under the Fair Political Practices Commission’s rules,” The Times continued. “The Ethics Commission didn’t agree.”

“A third ethics violation centers around failing to properly report campaign finance disclosures when Breed was a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 2015 and running for re-election. According to The Times, ‘She wanted to have a float for the city’s Pride parade and asked two restaurateurs to each pay $1,250 directly to the float manufacturer,'” the DW report added.

The contributions here also went beyond the $500 limit per donor for the city candidates.

“The mayor will be fined $7,500 for failing to disclose the contributions and $4,500 for accepting contributions over the legal limit,” The Chronicle stated.

As you can see, this woman is corrupt to the core. Are these fines really enough to help her learn her lesson? Shouldn’t she still be made to step down from her post as mayor? How can she be trusted not to abuse the city’s resources after all of this?