Democrat Senator Wants Massive Relief Plan; Ted Cruz Responds By Saying, ‘We Have A Magic Money Tree — We Should Use It’

On Monday, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ed Markey, who seems desperate to win the approval of liberals all over his state and the country, suggested that the federal government provide every person in the country with $2000 a month for the rest of the coronavirus pandemic, then for three months after that and retroactive to March.

Apparently, Markey is full of malarkey and doesn’t understand basic economics.

Have no fear though.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz sets him straight in hilarious fashion.

via The Daily Wire:

That economically illiterate suggestion was countered by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who took Markey’s hyperbolic suggestion and took it to the extreme to point out how crazy the idea was. Cruz tweeted, “Why be so cheap? Give everyone $1 million a day, every day, forever. And three soy lattes a day. And a foot massage. We have a magic money tree — we should use it!”

Markey, it should be noted, was the Senate author of the Green New Deal. “Liberal economist Noah Smith estimated that the cost of the Green New Deal without all the promises listed in the FAQ would be $6.6 trillion annually. That is three times as much as the federal government collects in tax revenue and about 34% of U.S. GDP,” the Congressional Western Caucus reported.

It seems that the radical left in this nation doesn’t understand the concept that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Nothing is free. Ever. The money used to carry out Markey’s idea would come out of the pocket of tax payers, mostly the middle class, who are already bearing the burden of the government’s frivolous spending.

Printing more money leads to inflation. Inflation devalues the dollar and lowers its purchasing power, thus making the cost of living skyrocket. Doesn’t that defeat the very purpose of this wealth redistribution plan here? It just creates more poverty. These people are crazy.