Dem Senator Actually Admits That Rand Paul Might Be Right Concerning ‘Unconstitutional’ Impeachment Trial

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy has parted ways with the vast majority of people in his party and admitted that GOP Sen. Rand Paul might actually be right about the upcoming impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump being unconstitutional.

Murphy made an appearance on Fox News Sunday to talk about the upcoming impeachment trial, which is scheduled to begin on Tuesday. Murphy stated that while he agrees with impeaching Trump and disagrees with the argument Paul has made, he admitted that the Kentucky senator made a valid point.

via Daily Wire:

“I admit this is of course a matter of first impression and so I don’t think the case that Senator Paul is making is a ridiculous one,” Murphy said, according to Fox News.

Dozens of Senate Republicans have already signaled opposition to convicting Trump on impeachment because they believe to do so would be unconstitutional after Trump has already left office. Forty-five GOP senators voted in favor of a motion to dismiss the impeachment article on Jan. 26. Prior to the vote, Paul spoke out against the trial.

“The Chief Justice’s absence demonstrates that this is not a trial as a president, but of a private citizen,” said Paul. “Therefore I make a point of order, that this proceeding, which would try a private citizen and not a president, a vice president, or civil officer violates the Constitution, and is not in order.”

Paul put Democrats on blast for their continued efforts to create division among Americans, especially as President Joe Biden is now calling for unity. “Hyper-partisan Democrats are about to drag our great country down into the gutter of rancor and vitriol the likes of which has never been seen in our nation’s history. Instead of doing the nation’s work with their new majorities in the House, the Senate, and the executive branch, Democrats are wasting the nation’s time on a partisan vendetta against a man no longer in office.”

“It’s almost as if they have no ability to exist except in opposition to Donald Trump,” Paul said. “Without him as their boogeyman, they might have to legislate and to actually convince Americans that their policy prescriptions are the right ones.”

The former president’s legal team has also embraced Paul’s argument, going so far as to reassert it while rejecting an offer from Democrats to have Trump come and testify at the impeachment trial.

This whole thing is unconstitutional. The Constitution, our founding document and the law of the land, makes it clear that the only way a president can properly be punished with impeachment is removal of office. And that can only done with a president who is actually still active.

The left wants to ensure that Trump does not run again in four years. That’s what the impeachment trial is about. However, with no constitutional legs for this thing to stand on, it’s time to toss it out. Now.