David Hogg’s Craziest, Most Devoid Of Logic Argument Against The Second Amendment To Date

Believe it or not, there are worthy opponents in the gun control debate. Well, at least there are intelligent opponents out there. Okay, well, there are some who can at least put together words in a sentence that makes some level of sense to defend their stance.

David Hogg ain’t one of ’em.

While I’d like to give the kid a pass purely on the basis of his youth—I, for one, didn’t start thinking like a rational adult until at least age 25—his incessant presence in the ongoing gun control debate leaves one no choice but to point out the ridiculousness of his statements.

The latest example of the young Hogg’s anti-gun antics is just too silly to let slide.

First, let’s set the stage, looking back to last week when Vice President Mike Pence addressed the National Rifle Association’s annual convention with a speech about the Trump administration’s commitment to preserving the second amendment:

We stand with the NRA, because like all of you we stand for freedom — the right of law-abiding citizens keep and bear arms. A freedom that is at the heart of the American story…Our Founding Fathers won our freedom with the power of their ideas and the powder in their muskets… Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens don’t threaten our families, they protect our families. They don’t make our communities less safe, they make our communities safer.

Echoing his statements at the convention, Pence reiterated the administration’s stance in a tweet:

Now, to be fair, this tweet elicited thousands of comments ranging from asinine to insane, including the favorite anti-gun trope that “guns have more rights” than literally anybody convenient enough to be used in that setting.

But David Hogg, oh my word. David Hogg takes the cake, y’all:

How many AR-15s did Jesus own? Seriously? More like, “how many people use Jesus owning weapons that didn’t exist in his time to defend the second amendment?”

Are we to the point of just blurting out nonsequiturs to garner a few virtual high-fives from our friends? Does David Hogg also love lamp?

Honestly, it’s loads of fun to point out the stupidity of Hogg’s statement, but what if he’s serious? Does he actually think Jesus not owning semiautomatic rifles is a valid argument against Christians owning semiautomatic rifles?

If not, what was the point in saying it, except to get a few chuckles out of a very serious issue? And, even worse, if he did make his comment in earnest, what does it say about the state of logic and critical thought in the anti-2A crowd?

Here’s hoping Hogg was just doing it for the laughs, otherwise followers of Christ might have to surrender their phones, cars, toilet paper, and more to fit into Hogg’s Christian caricature.