David Hogg Has a New Progressive Cause…And He’s Still As Clueless as Ever

When you cut half your senior year to be on CNN, your education will probably take a hit.

At least, this seems to be the case with the boy king of the anti-gun movement, David Hogg, and yes, he’s still going.

In a recent Twitter exchange, he showed an embarrassing lack of understanding of the English language, and also reminded us all that he’s just a kid who has no idea what he’s talking about. 

Commentator Carmine Sabia tweeted over the weekend that Hogg had been promoting the $15 wage hike at a gay pride parade and wondered what this had to do with his cause.

Spoiler: David Hogg is just a run-of-the-mill leftist teenager who happened to survive a shooting at his high school and is using the opportunity to make himself famous.

“The $15 minimum wage is to help spur gun violence in lower income communities so kids don’t have to resort to crime to subsidize their income help raise their family,” Hogg replied to Sabia. “Right now it’s right around the anniversary Pulse nightclub.”

Where to start?

Most Twitter users started with his use of a word he clearly doesn’t understand, specifically, “spur”. Hogg seems to think it means “deter” when in reality it means the opposite, as in “encourage”.

So he effectively just said that a minimum wage hike would encourage violence in impoverished communities. Awesome.

Even if he had bothered to crack a dictionary, or better yet, literally just googled the appropriate word to use for the message he was trying to convey, he’d still be wrong, as Conservative Tribune’s Joe Saunders points out:

The idea that the poor would be less inclined to murderous violence if they only had more money is abhorrent on moral grounds. But from a strictly economic standpoint, it makes no sense either.

Common sense dictates – and real-life experience has repeatedly confirmed — that businesses faced with higher minimum wage requirements for their workers end up employing fewer of them. That means a higher minimum wage law might mean a few dollars more per week for some workers, but a much higher number of overall jobs lost. In other words, less money for exactly the kind of people liberals claim to be concerned about.

And in the Hogg/liberal/progressive universe, that means more murderous thugs running around committing mayhem for want of a chance to earn a decent living.

I mean, if Hogg’s English skills are so poor, who could expect him to understand economics?