David Hogg Calls For Open Borders, People Of Twitter Let Him Have It

Whenever there’s a lull in the news cycle, just check David Hogg’s social media activity. The dude’s a goldmine of stupidity.

While best known for his hot takes on gun control and the Second Amendment, Hogg hasn’t been one to shy away from opining on other pet causes of the leftist movement.

In a hilariously uninformed tweet earlier this week, Hogg demonstrated a command of logic as weak as his chin in arguing that politicians have no right to defend America’s sovereignty because, well, we’re all just descendants of genocidal white colonialists.

I don’t have enough caffeine in my system to properly address the stupidity of that statement, so allow me to phone in a GIF, y’all:

Thankfully, the People of Twitter™ were there to set Mr. Hogg straight, including Trump supporter and Dilbert creator, Scott Adams:

In fact, the real irony here is that Hogg’s statement actually makes a great case for securing our borders, as this dude noted:

Then, this dude went for the jugular:


As for Hogg’s myopic view of the first European settlers in the Americas, this dude’s got you covered:


Then there’s this dude who very kindly offered Hogg a bit of branding advice:

No, probably not!

Of course, Hogg’s only response to the education he received (which, presumably is far better and cheaper than what Harvard could ever offer), was to drop an f-bomb and complain about racist white folks.

Lord help us if this dude ever gets the idea to run for office.