Dan Crenshaw Responds To Hillary Clinton Saying Biden Should Not Concede

Earlier this week, a very embittered Hillary Clinton, who has failed not once, but twice, to become President of the United States, said that if Joe Biden loses in November, he should refuse to concede and pursue legal action until he is essentially called the winner.

If that sounds like communism, that’s because it is. But that’s not a surprise coming from Hillary.

Well, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw had a few words to say about all of that when he made an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

via Fox News:

Crenshaw, who will be addressing the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night, also told “Fox & Friends” that Clinton’s warning to the former vice president further proves that Democrats are building the narrative that if President Trump gets reelected in November, “it will be illegitimate.”

“How bold she is with just laying out their plan like that. And we all know that’s the plan, right? Create as much chaos around elections as possible,” Crenshaw said on Wednesday, reacting to Clinton’s comments.

He went on to say that people should find it “very suspicious” that “Democrats don’t want any regulation” on “our institution of voting.”

These kind of comments are what has caused so many folks to be worried about the Democratic Party stealing the 2020 election. Essentially, they’ve revealed that is indeed their intentions. They plan to win, no matter what it takes.

Unfortunately for them, and despite what we see in big cities across the country, we are a nation of laws. This kind of sabotage will not be allowed to take place.

Here’s to another four years without a Democrat in the White House.