Dan Crenshaw Helps Bernie Sanders Out With A Quick Economics Lesson On His “Free College” Plan For 2020

As much as I might want to plug my ears and enjoy all the peace and quiet the good Lord gives me before the next presidential election, the neo-socialist hordes are already gearing up for the fight.

The slew of ultra-leftists mounting their steeds to come defeat the mean old Orange Man is growing loonier by the day, from the hilariously corrupt to the downright insane.

Case in point: Bernie Sanders. That’s right, folks, the 77-year-old radical communist whose hair made Trump’s look good is ready for another round.

To be fair to the guy, I’d probably be pretty feisty if I’d had my party’s nomination stolen from me only to have them lose the election to a total underdog. But, play for a crooked team, expect crooked rewards, buddy.

Though the Bern had to slither back to his seat in the Senate after losing the Dem nomination, he definitely hasn’t gone dormant, especially if his Twitter activity is any indication.

Because, you know, when the bulk of your supporters can’t muster the literacy to read a history or economics book, Twitter is a pretty great place to do some passive campaigning 280 characters at a time.

In a tweet posted over the weekend, Sanders lamented the untenable travesty that—dare I say it?—people have to pay for their own goods and services, including college education.

Now, let me stop right here and at least give the guy points for, well, not totally lying. This time.

Sidestepping the issue that trade schools are a better bet and many college degrees are virtually useless in our tech-dominated evolving society, I want to be amiable here and make it known that I appreciate Sanders saying he wants college to be “tuition-free,” and not just “free.” But, while you and I may understand the difference between the two, apparently the 23.9 thousand people who liked Sen. Sanders’ post don’t quite get it.

For the people on the slow train: college is a commodity. So is healthcare, Sanders supporters should know. It is a product that requires the time, effort, and dedication of thousands of professors, administrators, staff, janitors, landscapers, IT guys, and so on all buzzing around the hive and doing their part. Every person who has their hands at work in running a college deserves to be compensated for their time (preferably with money, y’all) and that doesn’t happen so well when the customers don’t pay.

Since the younger batch of Twitter users Bernie is targeting with his rhetoric apparently only recently came out of diapers and may not be aware of this firsthand, let’s help them out with a little hint: “Free” stuff isn’t free, y’all. 

In the sharp, classy manner I’ve come to expect from him, Texas’ own Rep. Dan Crenshaw was quick to help Bernie and his fawning millennial and Gen-Z following out with a helpful hint or two, explaining exactly why Bernie’s free stuff just ain’t gonna work:

Where Sanders’ tweet was like an incomplete sentence lacking an explanation of just how tuition-free college works, Crenshaw laid a logical smackdown on it—period.

Whether it’s education, healthcare, infrastructure, anything, it must be paid for. We don’t yet live in the communistic utopia of Sanders fans’ dreams where everyone pays for goods and services with good vibes and social media likes.

As an older millennial duped by the college racket myself, I’d like to shake Rep. Crenshaw’s hand for standing up to this dishonest, elitist, nonsensical trope that college is for everyone and, if it’s for everyone, it must become a public utility.

The answer isn’t to force the taxpayers to add yet another burden to their load, nor is it to lower our college and university standards which is what invariably happens when scholarships are rendered obsolete, cost is no longer a factor, and everyone and their Aunt Susie can pursue a degree in advanced underwater basketweaving.

These ivory tower leftists have such disdain for the pipe fitter, the trucker, the cattle rancher, or the mechanic that they openly mourn young adults being “forced” to take on such vocations, nevermind the fact that they exponentially out-earn their college-educated peers minus the crushing debt.

It’s a mindset so far removed from reality it makes me wonder how they find their way out of bed in the morning.

Crenshaw has them pegged. If the Dems fail to lure voters with their shaky moral high ground, why not bribe them with free stuff?