Cuomo Denies All Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct, Says He ‘Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’

Embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has been facing scandal after scandal during the last few months, has come out and denied all of the allegations against him concerning sexual misconduct and claims he did nothing wrong.

“No,” Cuomo stated on Monday after he was asked if he was guilty of any of the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him. The comments came during a press conference in Syracuse. “No. And that’s why I said when people suggest that — to put it very simply, no.”

Ten women have come forward to make these allegations against Cuomo, stating that he touched them inappropriately or made sexually crude comments. New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, has opened an investigation to look into the allegations and has not yet released her findings.

via Washington Examiner:

When Cuomo was asked if he will resign if James finds him guilty of the claims, he said, “The report can’t say anything different because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Cuomo has voraciously denied the allegations and refused to step down amid the inquiry. High-ranking government authorities, including Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, have demanded he resign from his post.

The governor was also asked on Monday about the Department of Justice’s investigation into the state’s handling of COVID-19 patients and nursing homes, after a report detailed top brass undercounted nursing home deaths and placed coronavirus-positive individuals in spaces with vulnerable, elderly residents in care facilities. Cuomo insisted the DOJ investigation was spurred by the “politics of COVID” and faulted former President Donald Trump for the pandemic issues.

“[The DOJ] is doing a thorough review of the nursing homes situation,” the Democratic governor said. “The nursing homes, what that is going to come down to, in my opinion, is the politics of COVID, and it was always a political debate, frankly [starting] between myself and President Trump about who was responsible for COVID. I believe the federal government was slow on COVID. I believe President Trump did not quickly or adequately address COVID. I think the state was left on its own during COVID.”

The governor added that death metrics for nursing homes are “inconsistent” nationwide and that “New Yorkers were heroes” for keeping people in “homes and facilities safe.”