Cruz Slams CNN, Calls Them ‘Dem Propagandists’ For Story On Republican Senators, Defense Team

CNN ran a story Thursday evening concerning three GOP senators who met with the defense team of former President Donald Trump “in the middle of an impeachment trial in which they will vote on whether to convict Trump and potentially bar him from holding public office again.”

The fake news masters then went on to call out Sens. Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee for allegedly “going into a room in the US Capitol that Trump’s lawyers were using to prepare for their arguments.”

Here’s more on this from the Daily Wire:

One of Trump’s lawyers, David Schoen, commented “that the senators were ‘very friendly guys’ who just wanted to make sure they were ‘familiar with procedure’ on the eve of their rebuttal to the House impeachment managers’ presentation.”

Schoen was asked whether or not it was “appropriate” to meet with senators while the trial is ongoing, to which he replied, “Oh yeah, I think that’s the practice of impeachment.” He also added, “There’s nothing about this thing that has any semblance of due process whatsoever.”

CNN noted that senators do not always view their roles as jurors in the same way, with some remaining impartial and others “lend[ing] a hand to their party’s side.”

Cruz later responded to the article saying:

Facts they are ignoring:
(1) senators are NOT jurors, as Dem Sen. Harkin clarified:
(2) Schumer repeatedly confers w/ House managers, as always & fully appropriate.”


He then added, “CNN is no longer a news organization. They’re Dem propagandists.”

Could not have said it better myself.