Court Filing Reveals Epstein Associates Forced Victims To Marry For Immigration Purposes

A new court filing has revealed that child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his associates actually forced some of his victims into fake marriages for immigration purposes, proving once again how much of a disgusting pervert the man really was.

via The Washington Examiner:

Denise George, the attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands, amended her civil enforcement action on Wednesday against Epstein’s estate to include the allegations. The new information gathered by the attorney general’s office shows Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, the co-executors of Epstein’s estate, being “captains” in his alleged criminal enterprise, and the two of them were listed as defendants in the revised complaint.

George alleges that Epstein and his associates forcibly arranged three separate marriages between noncitizens and three of the dead billionaire’s American victims in an attempt to avoid deportations. She specifically accuses Indyke and Kahn of having “knowingly facilitated the fraudulent and coerced marriages.” The two have denied the allegations.

“The Epstein Enterprise forced at least three separate arranged marriages, in each case requiring American female victims to marry foreign victims to avoid their deportation,” the complaint reads. “The victims were coerced into to [sic] participating in these arranged marriages, and understood that there would be consequences, including serious reputational and bodily harm, if they refused to enter a marriage or attempted to end it.”

“One year ago, on January 25, 2020, my office first filed a civil suit against the Estate of Jeffrey Epstein. Despite the Estate’s continual refusal to cooperate with discovery, documents and information obtained from third parties, my office has uncovered extensive evidence about the lengths that Epstein and his co-conspirators went to conceal and protect their long-running sex trafficking operation, and many other fraudulent actions,” George said in a statement that was released to the Washington Examiner.

Daniel Weiner, who is a lawyer representing Indyke and Kahn, spoke with the Washington Examiner, stating that his clients “categorically reject the allegations of misconduct made for the first time yesterday by the Attorney General of the Virgin Islands regarding their purported roles in the so-called ‘Epstein Enterprise.’ The facts are clear: neither Mr. Indyke nor Mr. Kahn had any involvement in any misconduct by Mr. Epstein of any kind, at any time.”

“It is enormously regrettable that the Attorney General chose to level false allegations and to unfairly malign the Co-Executors’ reputation without any proof or factual basis to do so,” Weiner went on to say. “If the Attorney General actually had in mind the best interests of Mr. Epstein’s victims, she would grant the Co-Executors’ repeated requests that she immediately release her liens on the two Virgin Islands properties owned by the Estate and allow the Co-Executors to sell those properties to fund the Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program, a voluntary, non-adversarial compensation program conceived and implemented by the Co-Executors and paid for entirely by the Epstein Estate. To date, the Estate has funded that Program with over $87 million to pay claims made through it; the Co-Executors continue to diligently attempt to raise additional funds for use in that Program.”

This man and his “associates” are complete and total monsters. We all know that Epstein had some deep ties to very powerful people in political circles, including former President Bill Clinton.

It’s this very thing that makes so many people think he may have been murdered in prison, seeing as how he was likely going to dish out some serious dirt on other individuals who were involved in his sex ring.

Hopefully, all those who were involved in this vile practice will be held accountable for their actions.