Could We See Trump v. Harris In 2024? New Poll Says It’s Voters Think So

It seems all of the gaffes from President Joe Biden have been adding up, leading many likely voters to believe that he’s going to end up stepping down or something worse, leaving Vice President Kamala Harris to take over as president and thus leading to a race that could see former President Donald Trump taking her on.

A brand new poll that was put out by McLaughlin & Associates  has revealed that 58 percent of likely voters think Biden is going to be removed from office or something of that nature, while only 32 percent believe that scenario will not come to pass.

Shockingly, 52 percent of likely Democratic voters agree, along with the majorities of Hispanics, blacks, women, and men.

When pollster John McLaughlin spoke with Secrets and was asked why, he responded by saying, “Because the more they see of President Biden, the weaker and more feeble-minded he looks. Even when they try to hide him, they are cutting off his mic, shutting off his video feeds, and he has a really light schedule where he can only read from a teleprompter and can’t take questions. Right now Kamala Harris’s negatives are insurance against the 25th amendment. Sooner or later, the Democrats will invoke it.”

via Newsmax:

But that doesn’t mean voters like the idea of President Harris. The survey found that the vice president remains unpopular and her disapproval rating has edged up slightly. Some 50% now view her unfavorably, her worst reading yet, while 46% have a favorable opinion.

While Harris has been given high-profile jobs by Biden, she has notched no victories and has been bruised by stories of staff infighting.

Unclear is whether Biden’s growing unpopularity has hurt her. The new survey found that top Democratic leaders including Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have also lost support and are deep underwater in their approval ratings.

The survey said 71% of Republican primary voters want Trump to run again. And 86% would vote for him, the highest this year.

Former President Trump has been teasing a run in 2024, which if he does, and if he wins the GOP nomination, he could end up running against Kamala Harris.

And right now, if this scenario were to happen, the vote would be too close to call. Trump has 49 percent, while Harris pulled in 47 percent. That margin grows by three points if Trump’s opponent is Biden.