Cory Booker Says If He’s President He’ll ‘Virtually Eliminate Immigration Detention’

Everyone knows that during election season politicians always make promises the vast majority of them have no actual intention of keeping, either because what they are promising is impossible or because they’re simply liars.

This is partially what makes Trump such a different kind of president. He’s actually fulfilled almost all of his campaign promises, something unheard of in political culture in recent history.

Well, with the 2020 election coming up and the Democratic Party working toward choosing a candidate to face off against Trump next year, many of the folks who have thrown their hat in the ring for president have been promising their voter base the world and Sen. Cory Booker is no different.

He’s promised that if he’s elected, he’ll put a plan in action to “virtually eliminate immigration detention” using executive actions.

via TheBlaze:

Booker’s campaign issued a news release outlining his proposals on Tuesday, declaring, “Cory Booker won’t wait for Congress: He will immediately act through executive authority to virtually eliminate immigration detention and end the crisis at the border.”

Throughout the plan, Booker criticized the Trump administration’s policies on border security, and promised to undo the current president’s efforts starting on “day one.”

Under the broad initiative, a Booker administration would “shut down inhumane [detention] facilities and require all facilities to meet the highest standards,” phase out contracts with private prison firms over a three-year period, provide illegal immigrants with greater access to legal counsel, and prohibit ICE and CBP from “terrorizing immigrants in their homes and communities.”

Here’s the thing this current crop of presidential candidates just can’t seem to get their minds wrapped around. Illegal immigration is destroying our country and everyone but them can clearly see that.

Americans want strong immigration enforcement to help protect their physical safety and economic security. This is something we’ve all made clear by electing Trump in the first place.

Yet the left isn’t getting the message. Oh well. They’re only improving Trump’s chances of another four years in office.