Cornell University Gives Student Packet on How to Tell If They’re “Privileged” or “Oppressed”

Just in case the rantings of progressive professors or multitude of student activities on intersectionality didn’t help a young, fresh-faced Cornell freshman determine whether or not to feel guilty or victimized, Cornell staff recently passed out handy packets on how to determine where you fall on the intersectional scale.

The packets, which Campus Reform reported on exclusively, were passed out to student ambassadors preparing to greet incoming freshman.

I guess so they could help said freshman determine whether they were going to spend their days at Cornell apologizing for their comfortable upbringing and lack of melanin or feeling oppressed and disadvantaged despite going to one of the most elite colleges in the country.

Well, these freshman will have nothing to worry about with this handy chart!

According to the document, if you speak “accented English” you are marginalized or oppressed compared to “‘proper’ English” speakers who are privileged.  If your parents are married or “in a heterosexual relationship” you are privileged while “divorced; LGBTQ parent; domestic partnership” and “single parent” individuals are oppressed.

If you are “temporarily able-bodied,” you must have privilege according to the sheet as “people with a physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability” are oppressed. The document also lists “age” as a category, ranking those in their “30s to early 50s” privileged compared to “younger and older” demographics.

Altogether, if an incoming female Cornell student is a racial minority, has an accent, is in their late teens or early 20s, and was raised by a single parent, they are “marginalized or oppressed” in at least five ways despite their background, socioeconomic status, or life experiences.

Campus Reform said they tried multiple times to give the university an opportunity to confirm or deny the distribution of these pamphlets, only to be told by university spokesperson that they “will not be participating” on commenting.

One can only imagine this spokesperson was a white male in their 40’s who speaks perfect English and has married, heterosexual parents, to behave in such a privileged way!