Cops Preparing For Crowds Of Pro-Trump Protesters Outside Twitter’s California Headquarters

Law enforcement officers in the city of San Francisco are reportedly gearing up for potential demonstrations and protests by Trump supporters to be held outside of the California headquarters of social media giant Twitter.

The San Francisco Police Department received notification about the possible protests and was then in communication with Twitter about making preparations just in case demonstrators showed up outside the building.

via Washington Examiner:

The potential California unrest comes after Twitter permanently suspended Trump from its platform on Friday, citing fears that the president risked sparking a “further incitement of violence” after a crowd of his supporters stormed the Capitol last week, resulting in the deaths of five people, including a Capitol Police officer. A second Capitol Police officer later died by suicide, but it is unclear if his death was related to Wednesday’s violence.

When contacted about the possible headquarters protest, a Twitter spokesperson told the Washington Examiner on Monday that the company has a work-from-home requirement because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The safety of our employees is our top priority. While we respect people’s right to express their views, we’ve been transparent about the factors leading up to our decision last week,” the spokesperson said.

Posts from a pro-Trump forum made over the weekend had several calls for a protest to be done outside Twitter headquarters. One of the individuals who put up a post encouraged fellow demonstrators to bring zip ties and to “citizen arrest violent agitators,” as well as recommending folks bring megaphones and body cameras.

Dozens of folks were arrested during the riot at the Capitol building last Wednesday after President Trump spoke at a voter fraud rally.

If there’s anything worth protesting, it’s most assuredly the fact that Twitter and other social media companies are silencing the voices of conservatives.

However, there’s absolutely no need for violence of any kind at a protest. Voice your grievances peacefully. That’s the American way.