Congresswoman Says Big GOP Victories Are A Reaction To Horrible Biden Proposals

According to Rep. Ashley Hinson, the big GOP victories that came about on Tuesday happened as a reaction to the policy proposals put forth by the Biden administration.

“It’s no wonder to me that the voters have decided to make changes both in the governors’ races [and] local races, and we’re hoping as well with the congressional races,” the Iowa Republican went on to say during her appearance on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” while drawing attention to controversial administration proposals including plans to pay $450,000 to immigrants’ families separated at the border.

“This is the only policy proposal we’ve seen come out of them,” said the congresswoman. “[There is] nothing to fix the actual crisis at the border, but instead they want to use this taxpayer money to pay these families, a total of up to $1 million, I might add, for each family.”

via Newsmax:

Further, the Biden administration is looking at spending billions of dollars on priorities that “Americans don’t want or need,” said Hinson.

“Meanwhile, we have all of these growing crises across the country with inflation, the situations overseas, and then obviously this border crisis,” she said.

And unlike many other proposals from the Biden administration, Hinson said she does think the proposal to pay immigrants’ families has a “real possibility of coming to fruition.”

“They’re looking to do this as part of settlements to these families because of lawsuits, and I think the most dangerous part of this proposal is the precedent that it would set,” Hinson stated. “It opens doors, long term, for these payments.”

“What a slap in the face to people who have waited in line and come here the right way with their families … what a boneheaded idea, and what a terrible precedent,” the congresswoman added.

The plan also shows how much the Biden administration wants open borders, said Hinson.

“They want to put Americans last clearly, and I think that’s very clear with these proposals that they keep talking about,” she stated. “They want to invade your bank accounts. They want more government from cradle to grave. The list goes on and on.”

Hinson also pointed out that the surge still happening at the border is a very important safety and security issue for our country.

“You look at the people who are apprehended at the border who are trying to cross illegally,” she proclaimed. “You’ve got sex offenders, MS-13 gang members, drug runners, drug cartels, not to mention the human smuggling element.”

The administration has “selectively chosen” not to enforce U.S. laws, and is offering proposals to pay people who have broken the law by entering the country illegally, said Hinson.

“We’ll continue to fight these proposals tooth and nail because ultimately this is just another crisis by the Biden administration and another complete void and failure of leadership,” Hinson concluded.