Congressman Stewart Says Disastrous Biden Admin Headed For ‘Critical Mass Of Failure’

Rep. Chris Stewart, a Utah Republican, recently appeared on Newsmax, where he stated that he believes President Joe Biden and his administration are currently headed down a path toward “critical mass of failure.”

“I think this presidency is looking at a critical mass of failure,” Stewart went on to state during an interview conducted Monday on “Spicer & Co.” where he mentioned that previous “failures” of the Biden administration to build on themselves. “I mean, look, when [President Joe Biden] came to office, I was worried this might happen, but I never dreamed that he would achieve this in eight months.”

“It’s remarkable,” the Utah congressman said. “I mean, start with Afghanistan, then talk about inflation and stagnation and the job numbers — and still languishing with [COVID-19] — and terrifying debt, and the list goes on and on, all of them negative. And honestly, the administration’s not going to be able to fix it.”

via Newsmax:

According to the median of aggregate polls collected by FiveThirtyEight and updated on Oct. 11, Biden had an approval rating of 44.6% and a disapproval rating of 49.2%.

Stewart added that he doesn’t think Democrats will make a return in the 2022 elections due to the aforementioned bad “eight months” under Biden.

According to Stewart, if Democrats “don’t change any of” the big blunders it’s made, like the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the tanking economy, or all of the issues and problems caused from the pandemic, “then how could they possibly expect to have a victory in 2022? I think it’s going to be a landslide for Republicans.”

Stewart nailed it. There’s definitely not going to be a whole lot of winning being done by Democrats if they don’t start taking responsibility for the mistakes they’ve made and taking action that will rectify the situation.