Congressman Jim Jordan Says A Report From John Durham Should Be Coming ‘Real Soon’

Rep. Jim Jordan, a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee stated on Sunday that he’s currently having a number of talks with the Justice Department and said that a report from U.S Attorney John Durham concerning the Russia probe into President Donald Trump is coming “real soon.”

During an interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News, Jordan said, “Mr. Durham is doing his work. I expect some kind of report…real soon.”

He did not provide any other details.

via Washington Examiner:

Durham was appointed by Attorney General William Barr more than a year and a half ago to investigate misconduct by federal law enforcement, intelligence officials, and others related to the FBI’s inquiry into links between President Trump’s campaign and Russia. So far, the prosecutor has secured one guilty plea from a former FBI lawyer.

“Like you, I am frustrated that it didn’t happen sooner,” Jordan said. “But, look, you and I can’t prosecute anyone. We can’t indict anyone. All we can do is get the facts out to the American people. The Justice Department has to do that. I’m hopeful they are going to have something real soon for the American people.”

Earlier in the interview, the Ohio Republican was asked to respond to congressional testimony last week by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who expressed regret about signing off on a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act application seeking continued authority to wiretap onetime Trump campaign adviser Carter Page in 2017. During a CNN appearance on Friday, McCabe made the stunning assertion that secret Russia investigation documents that Republicans hope will get declassified “risk casting the president in a very negative light.”

“I don’t put a whole lot of stock in what Andy McCabe is saying now about the investigation he launched four years ago,” the congressman stated.

Durham’s investigation into how the Russia probe got started and how it was conducted is critical. The deep state has been working hard against President Trump and against the folks in this country who support him from the very beginning.

These individuals were hoping to interfere in an election and use this whole Russia probe nonsense to help ensure that Trump’s tenure in office would be very short lived. They spied on the president when he was just a candidate, something that is absolutely shocking and wrong on every level.

Here’s to hoping those involved are held accountable for their actions.