Company Buys Ad Slot On Fox News, Throws A Hissy Fit When Their Ad Was Run On Tucker Carlson Tonight

Have you ever gone to McDonalds (or Cookout, if you’re blessed and highly favored), ordered a Big Mac, and then responded with shock, disgust, and disappointment that you opened up the box to find exactly what you ordered?

Sound silly? I thought so too, but that’s an apt, albeit dumbed down, comparison to the outrage an advertiser expressed when an ad they paid to run on Fox News was (gasp) aired during a popular show on the network.

When Babbel, a language learning service headquartered in Berlin, bought a slice of primetime air to run an ad for their app on Fox News, it’s hard to imagine what they could possibly have expected to happen. One thing is clear, though. They sure as heck didn’t expect their ad to run during that mean, nasty, evil, awful, rotten Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

In a rather ironic apology, Babbel expressed their remorse to anyone who saw the ad during Carlson’s show. That’s right, y’all. They apologized to viewers of the show, as if folks were tuning in just to catch the finest 29 seconds of advertising the world has ever known only to be accosted by Carlson’s sudden, unexplained, and safe space-smashing appearance on their TV screens.

I have to wonder if, not unlike the tree falling in the forest, folks would even know to be outraged if Babbel hadn’t tweeted about it.

Of course, now that they have, their handful of followers are encouraging them to nix advertising on Fox News altogether. Because, you know, we don’t want any conservative news consumers busting up that multilingual globalist utopia they seem to be after.

Babbel scored extra brownie points when they tweeted their apology directly to Sleeping Giants, a leftist organization whose sole purpose is to pressure advertisers into boycotting Fox News. How very inclusive of them.

Sleeping Giants proceeded to applaud Babbel’s humility in a thread of tweets and excoriated Carlson for past remarks that the gushing influx of illegal immigrants (commonly confused with “immigrants” by leftists) made America “poorer and dirtier and more divided.”

In response to the inanity (or insanity, both work just fine here), Fox News fired back at Babbel’s attempt at censorship and “agenda-driven intimidation efforts.”

“The millions of unduplicated viewers watching Tucker Carlson Tonight are extremely valuable to our advertisers,” a Fox News spokesperson said. “Our audience is not only deeply loyal to the brand, but to our top tier partners as well, of which Babbel is not one.”

“We will not allow voices like Tucker Carlson’s to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts from the intolerant partisan activists Media Matters, Sleeping Giants and whose only goal is to silence conservative thought they don’t agree with,” the spokesperson added.

So, long story short, Babbel just blew who knows how much money (primetime ad space, people) on an exercise in virtue-signaling in which they proceeded to shoo away any of the Fox viewers who learned about their app in an advertisement.

You’re not good enough for Babbel, you deplorable Fox fans. Try Duolingo instead?