CNN’s Ana Navarro Blasts Trump For Visiting Texas and Gets Blasted Back! Don’t mess with Texas reports President Trump departed Washington, D.C., Tuesday morning to visit with the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The president will meet with First Responders and FEMA on his tour and assess what more the White House can do to assist those who are suffering greatly under the deadly storms and flooding that the hurricane brought. Tens of thousands in South Texas have been displaced by torrential, unprecedented flooding. Texas’ suffering has united many in beautiful stories of bravery and courage.

Some commenters, however, seek to make the tragedy political.

Republican CNN analyst Ana Navarro could not help but send a snarky tweet this morning as the president departed for the disaster area, saying the people of Texas were already “enduring enough suffering.”

This is not the first time that Navarro has taken a historic moment in nature and used it for political commentating. Navarro could not bring herself to watch last week’s eclipse because she was so troubled about Trump being president.

Navarro’s turning of a deadly natural disaster into a political attack was not appreciated by those who follow her on Twitter. Nor was it appreciated by suffering Texans. Here comes the smackdown!

Life lesson here: Not everything is political. Especially when people’s lives are on the line.

Hurricane Harvey has claimed at least 14 lives so far.