CNN Spends All Week Bashing Trump for Politicizing Tragedy, Then Politicizes Tragedy

It’s only wrong to politicize a tragedy if the tragedy is opportune for your own agenda, right?

In the span of one week, two highly politically-charged tragedies occurred:

First, we discovered that Mollie Tibbets, the missing college student in Iowa, had been killed in cold blood by an illegal immigrant, a fact that was incredibly convenient for the narrative of Trump-style immigration policy, not to mention Trump himself.

Then, there was yet another mass shooting in Florida where guns have not yet been fully banned, a fact that is (supposedly) incredibly convenient for Hitler-style gun-grabbing.

We’ll ignore the fact that the shooting happened–as 98% of all mass shootings do–in a gun free zone, and pretend for a moment that the two scenarios are comparable.

You may be in favor of politicizing a tragedy if it can save just one life, or you might not be. Whatever you believe, try to be more consistent than CNN, who spent the week bashing Trump for “politicizing” Mollie Tibbet’s death only to turn around and politicize the death out of four innocent people in Florida because guns.

Then, here’s Mark Kelly, Gabbie Giffords’ husband, appearing on CNN to pontificate not two days later about gun control, using all the keywords, from “common sense” to “more gun laws.”

What was that about not politicizing?