CNN, MSNBC Have Given Lincoln Project Astounding $32 Million In Free Media Ever Since Weaver Scandal Broke

The allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior against John Weaver, the founder of the embattled Lincoln Project, which is really nothing more than a group of goblin-like Trump haters who turned their hate into a grift, were first reported back on January 11 by the American Conservative.

Ever since that initial report has come out, the super PAC has received an astounding $32 million worth of “free” media from left-leaning cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC.

via The Free Beacon:

The Free Beacon analyzed 40 appearances—10 on CNN, 30 on MSNBC—by Lincoln Project founders and advisers between Jan. 11 and Feb. 11. The value of the earned media was calculated using the “National Publicity Value” of each appearance, as estimated by media monitoring service Critical Mention. The total value of earned media over the month-long period came out to $32,689,233.

The allegations against Weaver, and his subsequent exit from the Lincoln Project on Jan. 15, did little to alter the super PAC’s friendly relationship with CNN and MSNBC. After the scandal broke, Lincoln Project founders and advisers appeared on the cable networks 23 times before one of them (cofounder George Conway) was finally asked to weigh in on the situation.

The dynamic changed in early February, following the publication of a New York Times story based on interviews with 21 young men who said Weaver had sent them “unsolicited and sexually provocative messages online” and in some cases “offered professional and personal assistance in exchange for sex.”

“The Times story compelled Lincoln Project leaders, after declining to comment on the allegations for weeks, to issue an extended statement denouncing their former colleague as ‘a predator, a liar, and an abuser,’ while continuing to deny any knowledge of Weaver’s actions and threatening legal action against the group’s critics,” the Free Beacon report says.

Even after the story was published in the NY Times, many of the associates who work for the Lincoln Project continued to get all kinds of invitations to come on CNN and MSNBC, making a total of 14 appearances.

“MSNBC quietly ended its relationship with Lincoln Project cofounder Steve Schmidt, a former contributor and frequent guest on the cable network, while the Daily Beast has indefinitely suspended its relationship with Rick Wilson, a Lincoln Project cofounder and cohost of The New Abnormal podcast,” FB writes.

Despite the fact that these grifters have been exposed as the creeps they really are, it seems they are determined to keep their little organization going. It’s a testament to their utter lack of character, but that shouldn’t surprise us at this point.

Still. These people knew what Weaver was doing, that he was even flirting around with a minor, and yet did nothing to address his behavior. That is sickening and shows the moral decay in the soul of those who work for this project.