CNN Medical Analyst Says Christmas Is Cancelled: ‘We Just Can’t Do It This Year’

Well, the radical leftist fear mongers tried their best to ruin Thanksgiving for the vast majority of American citizens and now they’re starting their campaign to shutdown Christmas too.

This, of course, is not at all surprising. Leftists have hated Christmas for a long, long time. Now they have found an “excuse” to rain on everyone’s parade during the holiday season.

Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a medical analyst with CNN, recently appeared on the network over the weekend where he said that “we just can’t do” Christmas “this year” because of the coronavirus.

via Daily Wire:

“So the next big holiday is obviously the Christmas, New Year’s holiday where people tend to travel, want to travel, want to be with family, but we just can’t do it this year. We’re going to cause needless deaths and particularly that’s among people we really care about, you know, our most vulnerable, our grandparents, our parents, our neighbors,” Reiner said.

“We can’t travel this year. We need to stay home. This is a sacrifice that Americans can make and we should be making it for each other. Stay home, mask up, we’ll have a great series of holidays next year. We’ll really have something to celebrate next year,” he said.

Reiner also said anyone who traveled for Thanksgiving “should be quarantining.”

“They should be quarantining for probably seven to 10 days and then getting tested. That’s what they should do. If they just go back to what they were doing — going back to work, they are going to spread the virus. So much of this virus is spread by asymptomatic folks. So stay home for more than a week, get tested, then go back to work,” the doctor said.

“This virus is, you know, no longer isolated to certain enclaves in the United States. It’s all over the country. And when people travel from place to place, they just further that spread,” Reiner stated.

So now you’re just supposed to assume you’re sick and somehow ruin your career by not showing up to work and isolate yourself regardless of whether you feel ill or not?

The measures people are taking right now due to the spread of coronavirus are getting way, way out of hand.

I get protecting the most vulnerable, but the young and healthy aren’t in the high-risk category for this illness. Why are they being forced to suffer simply by wanting to spend time with family this holiday season?

Shouldn’t we just use common sense and get on with our lives?