CNN Left In Shock After What Results To Latest Poll Show About Trump Being Reelected

The good folks over at possibly one of the worst modern mainstream media outlets on the market, CNN, are in an uproar after the results to their latest poll show President Trump sailing to victory in the 2020 election, resulting in another four years of dealing with their archnemesis.

According to the poll, 54 percent of respondents believe Trump is going to spend another four years in the White House. This is a significant increase from last December’s poll which had only 43 percent believing he would be re-elected.

Here’s the Daily Wire with the details:

Speaking on CNN on Wednesday, host John Berman said disbelievingly, “They believe the president, despite everything, will win reelection next year.” He added, shocked, “What’s more, that number is up double digits since December.”

Turning to his panel, Berman asked CNN political director David Chalian, “David, I want to start with you. This is always an interesting number to me ‘cause often it does go hand-in-hand with success; people end up knowing who’s going to win beforehand often. What do you attribute this shift to?”

Chalian noted that the rise in Trump’s numbers largely were responses from dispirited Democrats who reluctantly see the strength of Trump’s chances:

The psychology of the voters, right? People also like to be with a winner, so it gives that you sense. If you look under the numbers, John, one of the things that you can attribute the increase in that perception to is actually to Democrats, to people who disapprove of Donald Trump’s job performance. They did not think he was going to win re-election, but we should be clear, three-quarters of them still don’t think that, now a quarter of Democrats in this poll believe he is going to win re-election. That’s up when we tested this in December, that’s up from 14%. So even though they’re rooting against it, they seem, Democrats, to be a little more of the mind that he may actually come out victorious.

If you listen really closely, you’ll hear the sound of millions of liberals across the country running for their safe spots, drowning their sorrows in adult coloring books and kitten videos.

What never seems to cross the minds of the Democratic Party is the idea that maybe Americans really don’t want socialism and political correctness. They are so convinced their positions on the major issues of the day are correct they aren’t even willing to entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, this isn’t what folks want.

It’s the ultimate form of political delusion.

Folks, when Trump was elected president over Hillary Clinton, that should’ve been an indication that people don’t want radical leftism. Instead of going even harder left and trying to force your ideology down the throats of voters, perhaps going back toward the center is the right course of action?

Just a thought.

Source: Daily Wire